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Many WMAS staff work shifts and may find it very hard to get to sleep after a long shift. Your brain is reliving the events of the day and is still active and it can be hard to switch off.

Even if you go to sleep it isn’t necessarily a quality deep sleep it can be intermittent or shallow, so you don’t wake up feeling refreshed.

How are you sleeping at the moment?

Are you in the enviable position of being able to say that you are generally content with the quality of your sleep? Is there room for improvement? Is it a long-standing problem? Do you want some advice about it?​

If your sleep isn’t as good as you think it could be, following the steps in the attached sleep guide might help. It’s been specially created by an experienced Sleep Expert for the NHS Workforce.

Working shifts is one of the biggest impacts on our sleep so the guide looks at this issue as well as the impact of the additional pressures from this globally turbulent time.

If you’ve tried self-help advice before and it hasn’t been enough on its own or if you’ve been experiencing chronic sleep difficulties for a long time and not known what to try, this might be time to seek a Sleep Expert’s help?

For a limited time, you can take advantage of an online confidential NHS accredited sleep improvement programme for free. This isn’t an automated programme, this is an offer of 1-2-1 personalised sleep disorder treatment plan.

To find out more, read the attached sleep guide and register for access at

Many people feel they can conquer the world after a good night’s sleep. If instead, you are starting the day feeling conquered by tiredness, this offer of support is waiting for you!

We hope you’ll find the guide helpful and take up the more intensive support if you need it. Remember the free access is time-limited, so there’s no time like the present to make a change.

In partnership with Furniture Village, The Sleep Charity has launched a brand-new National Sleep Helpline to ensure that everyone has access to high quality, evidence-based advice.

• Run by a team of specialist trained sleep advisors
• Offer you some practical strategies and recommend services that could help
• Ensuring you understand how sleep plays an important part in your child’s mental health and wellbeing

• Listen without judgement and help you decide what next steps are right for you
• Empower you with sleep knowledge so you can understand why your child might not be sleeping well and how that can change

Around 50% of children will have a sleep issue at some point

03303 530 541 – Available Sunday to Thursday, 7pm – 9pm

Click the image to the left for the full flyer.

Useful Links

Please also check out this link, provided by the NHS for further support on how to get a good nights sleep:

A Guide to Good Sleep for Health and Social Care Professionals