Slimming World

I joined Slimming World after struggling with my weight, especially during the pandemic. At the time this was quite daunting as Slimming World is vastly underrepresented by men, but I was made to feel very welcome. The food optimising plan teaches you to pretty much eat what you want, when you want, allowing for healthier food alternatives or replacements. I would love to encourage anyone who is interested in losing weight to just turn up at one of their local meetings, also to feel free to email me directly with any questions.

Lee Farley

Clinical Team Mentor


“From previous sessions with you I know it’s ok to let go of people who don’t provide any
benefit to me …I’m feeling in a really good place, same as last time we spoke. I feel really
confident and happy with where I’m at. I’m continuing to stand up for myself and say no, and
I just keep telling myself it’s ok to say no. I’m just so proud of where I’m at right now and I
can honestly say for once in my life I’m happy and everything is good. I’ve realised who I
need and I’m lucky to have those people around me”.

‘I’ve learnt that a healthy way to express anger is to say it out loud. To say what’s making me
angry and why. Or to journal it here on Qwell.’


Virtual Suicide Prevention Conference

The event was nothing short of phenomenal, and the knowledge I’ve gained is immeasurable.

The range of themes covered, and the depth of the discussion provided an enlightening perspective into effective understanding, prevention, and handling of suicide-related issues. I had the wonderful opportunity to pose questions to some of the amazing speakers, which proved to be a highly engaging and insightful experience.

The experiences I’ve gained and the insights I’ve obtained from this conference will undoubtedly be instrumental for my professional development and for our collective efforts in strengthening suicide prevention training.

I hope to share and apply the invaluable knowledge from this conference for the betterment of individuals grappling with mental health issues and to contribute to our organization’s ongoing initiatives towards suicide prevention.

Tony Sutton

Clinical Team Mentor

I suffer with high BP and have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and also a kidney problem, all of which could be associated with being obese. My dad, also suffers with type 2 diabetes and started injecting himself with insulin last summer.

I wondered how stupid I would feel if I had to inject myself because I chose to ignore the offer from WMAS to improve my Health and Wellbeing.

To date I have lost 3 stone 12lb, that’s 54lbs. This coming Monday I will have been on my journey for 5 months and hope to receive my 4 stone award. I have also reduced my BMI by 8 points too.

I know I won’t be stick thin, and don’t want to be, but I do know I will be to be a lot healthier.

Jon Holland

AFA based at Coventry hub

Mental Wellbeing Practitioner Service

We’re lucky to have great support. It’s important to have good support at work, helps you deal with issues and carry on doing your job well. 

I felt supported and listened to. If I needed further support, or intervention I was supported and signposted in the right direction. 

MWP was exceptionally empathetic and insightful. She gave me many helpful suggestions to get through a very difficult time in my life. I’m very grateful for all her assistance and kind words. 

MWP was understanding, professional and had excellent knowledge of Mental Health issues and sign posting. My referral to outside services was quick and appropriate for my needs. Thank you and keep up the excellent work.  

The Listening Centre Counselling Services

I feel I have benefited hugely from the sessions and i cannot recommend my therapist enough.  I’m hugely thankful & grateful to her.

The Listening Centre Counselling Services

Outstanding! Very professional and very caring!


The Listening Centre Counselling Services

At the start of my counselling I felt as though I wasn’t in a good place and not myself. Ruth listened to everything I had to say and provided support and resources in order to get myself better. I found the process very successful.

Suicide Awareness Course

I’ve just had a mental health call and I feel it was my best one yet. I knew exactly what to say and at the end of the call he thanked me and said just speaking to me made him feel better. At the start he was that upset he couldn’t get his words out.

I feel so proud.

That training did help.


Dual Trained Call Assessor

Climbing Out

After being injured in an RTC in January last year, Dudley Technician Michaela Preece sustained a hip injury which as well as affecting her physically, impacted her mental health and well-being. She received support from the Trust’s Mental Wellbeing Team and was referred to Climbing Out; a charity which works to rebuild confidence, self-esteem and motivation in people who have been through a life changing injury, illness or trauma by combining outdoor activities with mental resilience training.

“One of the best things about Climbing Out is it is not just a single week of support on a programme, it’s a community and a family, once you’ve completed your programme there is continued support and events. From walk and talk days, member-led events, and even further programmes to continue your journey and self-development. I have been incredibly lucky to be selected for a canoeing expedition in Sweden next year. I cannot thank the Trust’s well-being team enough for putting me in touch with such an amazing charity, as I probably wouldn’t have got involved without their encouragement. I’m proud to be an ambassador for the charity so if you feel yourself or someone you know may benefit from Climbing Out, complete a referral form on their website, contact the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing team or contact myself or Jamie Detheridge, a fellow ambassador at Shrewsbury Hub”


My experience with Climbing Out was nothing short of life saving. The tools/skills I have been given to enable me to get through the dark periods are simple and easy to adjust and utilise. Having a diagnosis of CPTSD, anxiety and depression I felt helpless, worthless and even contemplated suicide. I was referred to Climbing Out by Rob Till my SOM as WMAS were offered places and he believed I could benefit from the program, he wasn’t wrong.

The course talks of table legs and these are empowering tools that help you to overcome life’s difficulties that maybe amplified by our own personal circumstances. This is coupled with challenging yourself through outdoor activities, but most importantly it was made to be fun. I was on the course with others with varying trauma, diagnosis’s and situations from all walks of life, you bond rapidly through ice breaker challenges and post course we are all still in contact on our own Wats app group, supporting each other as we continue to challenge ourselves. I can’t begin to think where I would be now without attending this program, and that was all possible thanks to the support and ongoing support of firstly my family but also my SOM and OM team. Climbing Out has changed my life and I hope it continues to help more staff. You can be referred or you can self refer to Kilda Wood and the Climbing Out charity, I am hoping to attend the phase 2 of the program in October which will build upon everything we learnt on phase 1 but also challenge us a bit more too. 

Michael Harvey

My experience of attending climbing out has helped me massively and would not be an exaggeration to say it’s been life changing. Prior to this I had struggled with my mental health which had been worsened by having my sister diagnosed as terminally ill and then my dad passing way.

 From attending this five day course I have been given the tools and coping strategies to deal with the challenges and mental health problems I have been facing. I had just completed a course of CBT prior to attending climbing out and found that it complimented this well but also helped me further.

The course is made up of a group of people from all walks of life with varying mental health problems.

To make everyone comfortable and bond you do ice breaker challenges. This is also coupled with mental health resilience coaching which is described as putting the table legs back on.

The rest of the day is made up of fun challenges to help push yourself to improve your self confidence and self esteem.

 For me who struggles with group environments and self confidence and self belief, I left the week feeling part of a team and far more confident than before.

The techniques gone through on that week have enabled me to have more confidence, self belief and cope with the difficult challenges I will face in the future.

WMAS Staff Member


Since accessing Qwell Suzy* has seen an improvement in her overall mood and has tools to help regulate her emotions. As her support ended she was encouraged to see her GP and had started medications for anxiety which were further easing her symptoms. Qwell was part of a holistic approach to her situation and Suzy still has access to the resources and self-help areas on our platform.

*Suzy is a pseudonym

I attended the suicide lite course from Bromsgrove Hub a few days ago. I just thought I’d let you know I thought it was brilliant, really informative and well worth attending. I would also like to do the full course if that is an option and I’m allowed to do it.

Dave Tutty, Education & Training Officer

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