Physical Health

West Midlands Ambulance Service recognises that sometimes we all need a little help or guidance with our physical health. The Trust has several initiatives designed to promote and support physical health, from physical activity schemes such as the cycle to work scheme, to weight management, to the upcoming health and wellbeing roadshow – there is something there for everyone. Support services are also available, such as the Trust’s MSK service through our Occupational Health Provider, Manual Handling Training, Ergonomic Work-Place Risk Assessments and links to videos and materials on how to look after your posture and back. 

Please take a look at the various initiatives available to you, and for more details please use the contact details provided. Several links to other sites are also available, for ideas, support and information that is offered by external sources and organisations. 

Let’s Talk About Cholesterol this October to mark National Cholesterol Month.

HEART UK Chief Executive, Jules Payne says the cholesterol charity wants to have one million people involved in the campaign. Using the powers of social media HEART UK is running an ambitious awareness campaign to make people more aware of cholesterol and how to it can be best managed.

Cholesterol Helpline