Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health difficulties are extremely common. Most difficulties, while unpleasant to experience,are temporary, remain manageable and are understandable as part of a reaction to something that has happened. Our natural human ability to adjust, adapt and recover following challenging times can be supported with information about what to expect, encouragement and care from the people around us, practical assistance to tackle problems and reduce the demands we are facing, and through the use of self-care activities and lifestyle habits that have been proven to help reduce the negative impact of stress on the mind and body.

While it is not always necessarily to seek specialist support for milder issues, it is important to always speak to your GP and local NHS services as soon as possible if your mental health is deteriorating and you are finding it increasingly harder to cope.

You should always seek professional support as a matter of urgency if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide.

In addition to the standard healthcare and support services that are available to everyone, there are a number of additional support offers available to all WMAS employees:

Have you Explored Qwell Yet?

Qwell is your online mental wellbeing community and a place for all of the WMAS workforce to access. Qwell is an anonymous service, providing support to WMAS staff, to give help, guidance and support free of charge. Qwell offers confidential, timely and cost-free access to qualified counsellors and mental health practitioners, without thresholds and without waiting lists. It also has a vast library of self-help articles and podcasts, along with digital tools to help you track your mood, set your personal goals, and keep a private online journal. Staff can explore hundreds of articles on all aspects of mental health and wellbeing too! Watch an introductory video about Qwell here Improve your mental health | WMAS Wellbeing. To find out more and to register for the site visit the WMAS dedicated login page

All WMAS staff are invited to take up the offer of a fully funded personal account on Qwell, an online mental wellbeing platform.

  • Secure 1-2-1 live text sessions with a qualified mental health professional available
    between 12 noon and 10pm.
  • A series of online 1-2-1 counselling sessions (if identified as appropriate during initial assessment)
  • Access a wealth of wellbeing information, self-help tools, read and contribute to a moderated anonymous peer support forum, and the facility to have a ?????
  • Accessing Qwell is confidential and no personal information is shared with anyone at WMAS.
  • NO REFERRAL REQUIRED  – Register now at

Click the link below to watch an introductory video:



Remploy – If your difficulties are affecting your work or causing you to take time off, the specialist employment support team at Remploy may be able to help.

  • The service is free to access, self-referral, confidential and entirely independent of WMAS.
  • 1-2-1 personalised support for up to 9 months
  • Appointments can easily be booked by contacting Remploy on 0300 456 8114 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Additional info about their service is available online at:

Access to Work Mental Health Support Service – Remploy     

Supporting_mental_health_leaflet_for_individuals_Oct17.pdf (

WMAS’ Staff Advice & Liaison Service (SALS) – The SALS team are current WMAS staff who volunteer their time to assist colleagues experiencing home or work related challenges.

  • SALS Advisors are supported by a team of dedicated co-ordinators, have access to experienced SALS mentors, and receive training and guidance from the Trust’s Mental
    Wellbeing Practitioners.
  • All advisors receive ongoing training to enable them to provide appropriate wellbeing advice, signposting onto the relevant specialist support services, and to offer supportive listening for staff needing emotional support.
  • The SALS team can also provide guidance on Trust policies and procedures, facilitate
    mediation sessions, support teams following the death in service of a colleague, and explain the options available to help resolve practical work related issues.
  • You can request a confidential call-back from a peer supporter by ringing 01384 215 880, or speak directly to an advisor on your base.

Mental Health Practitioner Service

If you have explored the above provisions but believe a different type of support is required, or if you would like additional advice, you can book an appointment with the Trust’s Mental Wellbeing Practitioners for further advice.